As they are loading the car, a large bus-type RV covered in dark-smoked glass towing a matching trailer pulls past them into the lot and parks right up near the entrance to the store, nearly blocking it. As soon as it stops a handful of people emerge from the side door. Two of them wearing lab coats. The other three grab grocery carts and rush into the store, followed by the people in white smocks.
     “What do you suppose that’s about?” asks Louis.
     “I don’t know.” Cindy replies, with bedroom eyes.
     With that, Louis forgets about the RV and the trailer and they head straight to his place, unload groceries, crack a few beers, and start to get cozy with each other on the futon in his living room.

- from ​Shh by Matt Jorgenson

-Excerpt -

Vivian, oblivious to all the coke, crosses the room and holds her hand out, not to shake hands with, but to receive something from the large amber-skinned man at the chalkboard. He smiles when he sees her, goes to the desk and retrieves a pint sized bottle of Peruvian Cucumber Facial mask. She pops the top unceremoniously and begins to drink.

Matt Jorgenson

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in coming by matt jorgenson

​"I have to admit. I hate reading Matt. It gives me nose bleeds. But, once I started reading I couldn't stop. Yes, it goes to some weird places, but the journey there is wonderful." - Adam Brosious, Cover Artist

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A glitch in the reservation system for substitute teachers allows Sven to transcend time and space as he fills several positions simultaneously. Disparate realities stretch his psyche to the breaking point. There are serious consequences as his fragmented consciousness begins to eat away his sense of self.

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